Cord+Iron Soy Candle

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10oz - 40+ hour burn time - Phthalate Free, Non-Toxic, Cruelty Free -Crafted and Poured in Beaver, PA

Wander: sweet saffron and crisp notes of white tea blended with cherry blossom and fresh green tobacco leaf. The scent of creamy vanilla and earthy oud wood ground this complex scent. 

Jasmine+Spice: sugared fruit blended with fresh-cut jasmine and sparkling white tea. Oriental spices and earthy sandalwood round out this scent.

Hazy: rich vanilla mixed with refreshing mandarin. Spicy bourbon notes ground the fragrance and add a luxurious depth.

Driftwood: ozonic sea air blended beautifully with smooth sandalwood and earthy cedar. The scent profile is smoothed by notes of sweet benzoin, musk, and powder.

Black Sand+Mangosteen: tangy citrus and sweet mangosteen notes blended with earthy moss, amber, and fresh cedar. The aroma of refreshing ocean air and black sand creates a clean, rounded finish. 

Amber+Moss: fresh sage infused citrus combined with floral lavender notes, balanced by earthy oakmoss and deep, sweet amber.