The Story of Good

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When we live intentionally, our choices impact every aspect of our lives. With that purposeful perception comes the conviction that jobs, homes, lifestyles and hobbies can and should be leveraged to their full potential and for a greater purpose than our own comfort. The Story of Good shares the individual accounts of more than 30 founders that were brought together under the umbrella of "the good MRKT" – a concept store driven by the executives of Vera Bradley to provide an opportunity for consumers to purchase with a purpose. The Story of Good is an inspirational collection of stories for ordinary people whol ong to understand their calling. Not one day in the future, but right now. Not giving everything up and living in Africa but taking what they are doing today and leveraging it in such a way it echoes in the hearts of others in an extraordinary way forever. Themes: Purpose driven Business & Entreprenuers Making a Difference Living with Purpose Social Conscience