Patchouli Soy/Coconut Candle | Non Toxic Candle: Matte Black

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Unleash your inner flower child with Get a Whiff Co's "Hippie Pheromones." This patchouli-scented candle isn't just about setting a groovy mood - it's a sensory time machine back to the Summer of Love. A crackling wooden wick mimics the vibe of a peaceful bonfire, while the coconut soy wax blend ensures a clean, eco-conscious burn. The non-toxic fragrance? Pure, unadulterated peace, love, and good vibes. So, light up, mellow out, and let the hippie pheromones do their magic. P.S. Tie-dye shirts and love beads not included. 7 ounce: 40+ hour burn. Noticeable scent release