Magnetic Fuzzy Rock

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The Magnetic Fuzzy Rock desk accessory is simplistic in design to let its natural beauty be the focus as it gives your loose paper clips and papers a spot to land. Each stone has a magnet embedded inside that is strong enough to attract all your paper clips, safety pins, and other magnetic accessories, while heavy enough to be an effective paperweight. No more picking up spilled clips, pins, or screws – simply swipe the Magnetic Fuzzy Rock over the mess and watch the objects jump to it! Trouble focusing at work? Fidgeting has been known to provide sensory feedback to help regulate emotions, relieve stress, and improve attentiveness. A great addition to any home, office, or workshop. Paper clips included. *Stones vary in shape, size, color, texture, weight and may or may not have natural mineral deposits. Due to those variations, the item pictured is an example only and will not be exactly what is received.*