Geometric Reclaimed Wood Planter

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Our geometric multi plank wood planter is one of our favorite planters, but also one of the hardest to make. Using multiple pieces of reclaimed wood, we created a unique shape planter that looks good from multiple angles and shows off plants really well. Due to the nature of the salvaged wood, small imperfections, such as nail holes and or knots add the authentic character of each piece. No two planters will look the same and each will feature different shades of the naturally aged wood. This versatile size planter will hold any of your favorite 4" grow pots and even accommodate the larger 4.25" grow pots. Or, you can plant directly into the planter if you intend on keeping it outdoors, this weathered wood can withstand the elements inside or out. The actual planter measures 5.5" x 5.5" x 4.5" tall. **NOTE - Plants shown in images are reference plants only and NOT included.