Hand Crafted Soap

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Every soap bar is made with luxurious Shea butter and kaolin clay for a smooth and creamy lather.

Activated charcoal & tea tree essential oil is fantastic for acne and oily skin.

Love letter's aromas are  mandarin, lemon, orange blossom, magnolia, heliotrope, pink jasmine, soft vanilla, amber, and musk.

Ingredients: Olea europaea (Olive oil), Water, Sodium hydroxide (Lye), Cocos nucifera (Coconut oil), Elaeis (Sustainable palm oil) Vitellaria paradoxa (Shea butter), Ricinus communis (Castor oil), Kaolin clay, Activated charcoal powder & Essential oil blend. 4.5 oz per bar. All of our products are handmade therefore each product is unique.