Large Buffalo Leather Elastic Tie Journal

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Our buffalo leather journals are hand crafted from a beautifully soft recycled leather. Filled with 100 pages of handmade, unlined khadda paper - a paper crafted from recycled cotton salvaged from the waste of the massive Indian garment industry. The ideal companion for an avid writer, traveler, or to-do list maker, this journal makes a perfect gift.

Dimensions: 16.5 x 20.5 x 3cm

Color: Black

Expertly crafted with hand-bound pages, these journals are ideal for travelling, doodling or diary writing however, we don't recommend using a fountain pen with this type of handmade paper. Using real leather and traditional methods means that each journal is unique and comes with its own set of beautiful creases, bumps and marks that develop with age into something truly special. The leather is protected with natural oils to give it a lovely rich finish and make it hard-wearing.