Handmade Iron Hanging Planter

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Our stunning hanging flower planters are designed to elevate your space with a sleek copper coloured aesthetic and a spacious surface for showcasing plants. They are a delightful addition to your home and a stylish accessory for plant enthusiasts. Choose from our two sizes available, allowing you to select the ideal fit for your specific needs. Alternatively, indulge yourself by getting both sizes to create a captivating arrangement. With a convenient hanging mechanism, these planters can be effortlessly suspended from a ceiling hook, railing, or any suitable support. The adjustable straps provide flexibility to customize their height according to your preferences, while the spacious interior offers ample room for your plants to thrive. Please note that each product is unique and possesses distinct traits as a result of its handmade nature. You can be confident that we would never send you an item that we didn’t believe you would love.