Indoor Plant/Little Forest Glass Vessel Container for Plants: New Version -Top Opening - Container Only

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 New Updated Version - We replace the previous side door with a top door, which provides a better visual effect no matter which side face the front. *** Please note that it is a hand-made product, so it is normal that there is little gap between edges. *** - Ideal for growing indoor plants Terrarium, or putting preserved moss or flowers to add a vibrant punch of color, texture and intrigue to your space. Soil and Plants are not included. - Size 7 in (W) X 7 in (D) X 11 in (H) with handmade sturdy copper frame, coated with black Tin Material to create a great seal. - Equipped with seamless hinge glass door for easy operation. Opening it to adding/watering your plants, and closing it for keeping the moisture inside.