Fluted Candle Set Cappuccino & Sandalwood

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Fluted Candle. Exquisitely handcrafted and hand poured at De La Mushka using only 100% natural soy wax and cotton wicks. PRODUCT DETAILS (approximate): Large: h 6 x 4 in, 38 oz Medium: h 3 x 4 in, 19 oz Small: h 3 x 2 in, 4.5 oz LEAD TIMES: 8-14 BUSINESS DAYS. Cancellations are not accepted!! *Be advised that sometimes candles may develop FROSTING (white-ish color coating) which is a natural effect and it doesn't affect the performance of the candle. It also means candle is made with pure, all-natural soy wax. ** As every candle is individually hand poured, please allow slight COLOR VARIATIONS and IMPERFECTIONS (like air bubbles). None of the candles will be alike. *** Our Sculptural Candles are designed for DECORATIVE PURPOSES, but if you choose to light them up, the burn time may vary due to the irregular shapes and sizes. While burning, candles will drip creating a dramatic, yet beautiful wax drip effect. DE LA MUSHKA © 2024